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Welcome to Acoustic Eagles Guitar Ensemble!

School Calendar Meeting Dates

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WELCOME! Learning to play the guitar provides young musicians with the opportunity to have fun while developing musically. 

There will be two different meeting times (for two different playing levels).
*Wednesdays 7:15am - Beginners, playing less than a year, not fluent on note reading and chords yet.
*Fridays after school until 4:00 - playing a year or longer, experienced players, fluent on many chords and notes

There will be no rehearsal if the NASD is on a weather emergency, such as a delayed start, or if there is no school. 

Attendance at every rehearsal is expected because every member of the ensemble is important!

Wednesday morning group: Parents should drop students off before 7:15 am. Students should enter the building at the entrance near the music room, which is behind the building near the softball field. For the safety of everyone, please follow the same traffic pattern as the end of day parent pick-up. Drive around the school clockwise with the building on the passenger side of the vehicle.
Friday afternoon group: We will finish our practice at 4:00. Students will exit the building at the front doors by the main office.

This is a performance-based group and every member of the group is important! Please mark performance dates in your calendar as soon as possible! Additional performances may be added, and you will be notified as soon as possible.

To help alleviate the cost of expensive formal clothing, NAIS is providing a performance polo shirt, which will be worn for every performance. 
The shirt needs to be cleaned and returned at the conclusion of the school year. If your child out-grows his or her shirt, please bring it back to be swapped for a better size.

**Acoustic Eagles T-shirt - an official Acoustic Eagles T-shirt was designed (and it’s really cool!!) that can be purchased and worn instead of the polo if preferred. This is optional, and the student can keep it at the end of the school year. An order form will become available soon!!

Students are asked to wear neat floor-length khaki pants (not cargo shorts, skirts, or dresses), and nice shoes. These will not be provided by the school. Please contact me with specific attire questions.

Students will have access to school guitars for rehearsals, so it is not necessary to bring personal instruments. Personal instruments, however, are welcome if students prefer to practice on their own instruments. Please check with your bus driver if it is ok to bring a guitar on the bus.

I encourage (but do not require) all students to consider purchasing their own instrument if they are interested in pursuing studies in guitar. The best way for students to fully develop is through regular practice at home between rehearsals. I am happy to assist anyone that has questions about purchasing an instrument, or accessories (picks, capos, cases, etc).

** Instruments will not be provided for performances off of NAIS campus. (Such as Iron Pigs, etc). We have a few performances where students will need to have their own personal instruments in order to participate.

Email is the most effective way for me to share information and updates with everyone. Please know that I will keep all of your personal information, including your email address, confidential. 

In addition to email, Schoology will be used for communication. I will add the students to the course after they sign-up so they can access my posts, important field trip documents, rehearsal recordings, lyric study sheets, and photos/videos from performances. It is important for students to check their schoology page regularly!