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                                                              Our purpose is to provide a user-centered,

                                                            flexible space that encourages reading,      

                                                             curiosity, creativity, and problem solving. 


                                                              Students come to the library to find

                                                             information, resources, services and

                                                             instruction that support classroom instruction                                                              learning as well as personal development and



Welcome to the NAIS Library Media Center!

Students typically attend library class once every three days.  Classes are 40 minutes long.  We begin the class with a group discussion, sometimes watching and discussing a short character-building video or book trailer.  We like to introduce a variety of genres and books and will take time in each class to talk about titles, series, authors and new arrivals.


After this group time, a library lesson is presented.  These lessons are designed to help our students locate materials useful to them and assist in class assignments.  Students are given time to check out books and materials in most classes.  We initially limit students to 5 books at a time, but there are always exceptions to that rule.  If a student has any overdue materials, we ask them to return the items before checking out anything else.  If books are returned damaged or are lost, we expect the student to pay for a replacement.  We do not charge fines for late books. 


Students also enjoy our Maker Space.  This is an area in the library where students can build, create, explore, and collaborate with others using a variety of supplies. 


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