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  • Mrs. Nickischer

  • Mrs. Kammerdiener

  • Mrs. Kline 

  • Miss Morrison

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  • Mrs. Kilpatrick

  • Mrs. Crisp* Cyber

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Math/Science Teachers


  • Mr. Reid

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  • Mrs. Garrett

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     Hello and welcome to 6th grade! 6th graders at NAIS have a lot of fun! We

have clubs to join, end of the month activities to enjoy, competitions to

compete in, and field trips to go on. 6th grade will be a time of growth and

success. We are looking forward to a great school year with you and your family! 


A few things you should know: 



    6th grade math is both challenging and geared for student success. We incorporate hands-on activities, technology and we encourage "math talk". We love when students share ideas and work in pairs to problem solve. Collaborative learning helps children think about the reasons behind mathematical practices which lends to a deeper understanding of the curriculum. As math teachers, we are preparing your children to be 21st century learners. Therefore, we frequently use real life scenarios and relate in-class material to everyday life. We wil lcover topics like fractions, rations, proportions, decimals, percents, shapes and so much more!


You can help your child this year by practicing math facts EVERY night! Practicing facts with your children will keep you involved with their learning. It will also ensure that they know their fundamentals as we reach higher concepts and more challenging levels of 6th grade math. Each year and every lesson, math concepts will build upon the previously learned material. If your student needs extra work, please work with them. 


We use a science program called Science Fusion. This program has disposable text books which are very cool because the students can write directly into the books! Our curriculum is available in the text books as well as online. There are virtual lessons for each topic which give the students the most important information in each topic! Please encourage your students to use the virtual lessons weekly, if not daily. This year, we will cover topics in Space, Motion and Forces and Waves (light, sound, etc.). We will do many hands-on learning experiences and we will do at least one project each trimester- hopefully more! These projects are a lot of fun and allow for creativity!


Try this at home: Ask your child what they learned in class today. Asking the students to teach you what they learned on a regular basis will help to reinforce the new concepts. Teaching others is the best way to review because in order to teach someone you must be able to explain what you understand and why. The teachers and your student will greatly appreciate the extra help! 


English/Language Arts:
Sixth grade is now using the Springboard program which is a 6-12 curriculum.  Springboard combines Grammar, Writing, and Reading into five units, each unit focused on a specific set of skills that are used for a final Embedded Assessment.  The Embedded Assessment will use these skills as students produce a writing assignment, such as a personal narrative, short story, etc.  There will also be a few mini-assessments within the unit to practice the skills for a specific set of skills practiced within the unit activities.  We will be reading a novel in Unit 2 in which students will have assigned chapters to read independently and will then be discussed in class.  Throughout all units, the skills learned and practiced will be used in the final unit's assessment.  Students will keep short writing samples throughout the unit's work in a Writer's Notebook.  This will then be a reference for the students to use when they begin writing their final writing assessments.

Students will be learning a Word a Day.  They will have a packet of these words, definitions, and sentence examples and will write responses in the Vocabulary section in their binder in which they will use these words to practice the meanings and illustrate their knowledge of these words.  They will be encouraged to use the words where appropriate in their daily writings and discussions, and they will be asked to look for these words in their independent and classroom reading.  There will be a test on these words every few weeks.

Social Studies:
We study ancient civilizations in sixth grade:  Early Man, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages.  There will be section quizzes and tests for most chapters.  There will also be projects for the students to create, both independently and in a group.  A few examples are:  Writing the Story of Early Man with pictures and a Mummy Book which illustrates the steps in making a mummy.  A few of the chapters will have only projects to create without tests and quizzes.  

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