How: Share it from your front lawn, driveway or window or mail or email your thank you to where you would like it shared. (food store, hospital, etc…) *

*Please do this with a parent or guardian. We are not recommending students go out into the public to deliver their messages.


  Write a letter-  Write your own or use print these out and fill them in!

How to Write a Letter       Letter Template 1         Letter Template 2      Letter Template 3


Make a card- Check out these Examples                                          Sidewalk Chalk- Check out these Examples   

 Make a Poster- Check out these Examples                                          Decorate your Window-Check out these Examples


Directions for thanking your Hero:


  1. Decide who you would like your hero to be. (soldier, Veteran, healthcare worker, food store worker, truck driver, mail person, or anyone who is an essential worker.)

  2. Decide how you would like to thank that person. There are examples to view in the Example folder. Here are just a few:  Card, poster, driveway message with sidewalk chalk, letter, or digital thank you with Google doc, slide or email. You could even write or sing a song! Be as creative as you would like, but be safe!

  3. Make a list of why that person is your hero to help you with your project ideas.

  4. Work on your project. Please share your idea with a parent or guardian before starting to make sure it is safe! 

  5. When you are finished your “Thank you”, share it with us! Click the button to submit your photo.



We cannot wait to see what you come up with to thank your hero!

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